The original Scream Studios was a Legendary rock & pop recording studio located in Studio City California where many classic artists made music that touched the world. 230 million records that were created in our little world went out for people to enjoy all over the real world.

During the 21 years of operating Scream we've been fortunate to have been involved in the creation of 664 albums and singles. Both ground breaking and or acclaimed records by Nirvana, U2, Madonna, Ozzy, Faith No More, Rage Against the Machine, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Sublime, Bob Dylan, Soul Asylum, Ice Cube, No Doubt, Jewel, Hanson, Alice in Chains, Sugar Ray, HIM, Notorious B.I.G., Hootie & the Blowfish, Motley Crue, Janet Jackson, The Who, Linken Park, Queen, Alanis Morisette, Paul McCartney, Faith Hill, Tracy Chapman, Foo Fighters, The Darkness, Sheryl Crow, Jane's Addiction and dozens and dozens of others. 43 Billboard #1 pop, r&b, rock, and country records have either been mixed and or recorded at Scream Studios. 

We have always been a word of mouth recording studio. From Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Dublin, London, Paris, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Columbia, South Africa, Kenya, Israel, Greenland, Mexico, and Canada, our clients have come, from around the world, to mix at Scream on someone else's recommendation. We had a great sounding control room with great equipment that was always maintained and in proper working order. We also employed the best people we could find. People who are honest, friendly, down to earth, skilled, efficient, warm, and caring. Our business dealings have always been fair, honest, and straight ahead. We are extremely loyal to our clients and, fortunately, our clients returned year after year, record after record.

Scream has just opened a new state of the art studio in Florida and will be opening studios in Hawaii and Aspen. We've been asked to create more studios in more exotic locations for artists and producers to record their songs. Scream Studios has always been about the vibe and the artist...

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