SCREAM STUDIOS is EXTREMELY Proud to Have Worked With The Following Artists, Producers, and Engineers, on Their Records  and  Songs  either  Recording,  Mixing, or Both: 

NIRVANA'S #1 Thirteen Million Selling  Album, "NEVERMIND" and  their #1 Platinum Singles, "SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT", "IN BLOOM", "COME AS YOU ARE", and "LITHIUM".

SUBLIME'S #1 Rock Singles, "WHAT I GOT" and "DOIN' TIME" and their 5 Million Selling Album, "SUBLIME".

U2's #1 A/C Grammy Winning Single "STUCK IN A MOMENT" from their, 4 Million Selling Album, "ALL THAT YOU CAN'T LEAVE BEHIND" as well as the Songs, "NEW YORK", "NOVELTY ACT", & "BEAUTIFUL DAY" (live).

MADONNA'S #1 POP & DANCE Platinum Single, "RAY OF LIGHT".

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE'S #1 Rock Single, "KILLING IN THE NAME" and their Debut Triple Platinum Grammy Nominated Album, "RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE".

OZZY OSBOURNE'S #1 Rock Singles, "NO MORE TEARS", "MAMA I'M COMING HOME", & "GETS ME THROUGH" and his 5 Million Selling Album, "NO MORE TEARS" and Double Platinum Grammy winning Album, "LIVE & LOUD" and his  Platinum Album "DOWN TO EARTH".

FAITH NO MORE'S #1 Rock Tracks, "EPIC" & "FALLING TO PIECES" as well as their Double Platinum Albums, "THE REAL THING" & "ANGEL DUST".

HANSON'S #1 Platinum Singles, "MMMBOP" and "I WILL COME TO YOU" as well as their Four Million Selling  #1 Album, "MIDDLE OF NOWHERE".

ALICE IN CHAINS #1 Triple Platinum Album, "JAR OF FLIES" and their #1 Rock Single "NO EXCUSES".

JEWEL'S #1 POP & A/C Platinum Single, "FOOLISH GAMES".


SUGAR RAY'S #1 Platinum Singles, "(I JUST WANNA) FLY" & "EVERY MORNING" and their Double Platinum Albums "FLOORED", "14:59", and their album's "SUGAR RAY" and "LIFE OF LEISURE". as well as and their Hit Singles,  "Someday", " FALLS APART" and "WHEN IT'S OVER".

JANET JACKSON'S #1 Pop/R&B Platinum Single, "BLACK CAT".

CRAZY TOWN'S #1 Pop & Rock Gold Single, "BUTTERFLY" and their Double Platinum Album, "GIFT Of GAME".

HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH'S  #1 I5 Million selling Album, "CRACKED REAR VIEW" and their #1 Album, "FAIRWEATHER JOHNSON"  and #1 Gold Singles, "HOLD MY HAND" and "ONLY WANNA BE WITH YOU".

TRACY CHAPMAN'S #1 GRAMMY nominated Record of the Year and Platinum Single, "GIVE ME ONE REASON" and her 4 Million selling GRAMMY nominated Album, "NEW BEGINNING".

HILARY DUFF'S #1 Triple Platinum Album, "METAMORPHOSIS".

SOUL ASYLUM'S #1 Rock Single, "RUNAWAY TRAIN" and Triple Platinum Album, "GRAVE DANCERS UNION".

ICE CUBE'S #1 R&B and Rap single "WE BE CLUB'IN" from the motion Picture and Platinum Album, "PLAYERS".

ORGY'S #1 Rock Single, "BLUE MONDAY" and Platinum Album, "CANDYASS" as well as their Gold Album, "VAPOR TRANSMISSION".

Eve 6's #1 Rock Track "Inside Out" and their debut Double Platinum Album.

EXTREME'S #1 Platinum Single, "MORE THAN WORDS" and their "Double Platinum Album, "PORNOGRAFFITTI II", and Gold Single, "HOLE HEARTED", were all Recorded and Mixed here at Scream.

SKID ROW'S #1 Triple Platinum Album, "SLAVE TO THE GRIND".


LISA LOEB'S #1 Gold Single, "STAY".

DWIGHT YOAKAM'S #1 Country, Triple Platinum Album, "THIS TIME".

As well as various records by: Rihanna, Flyleaf, T.I., Maroon 5, Miley Cyrus, No Doubt, Staind, Live, Paul McCartney, Faith Hill, Bob Dylan, Enrique Inglesias, Macy Gray, Dashboard Confessional, O Town, Jennifer Lopez, Tricky, Backstreet Boys, The Who, Sheryl Crow, Sevendust, Third Eye Blind, Foo Fighters, Brandy, Queen, Wilco, Indigo Girls, Aaliyah, Fuel, Sepultura, Reel Big Fish, Better Than Ezra, Chaka Kahne, John Hiatt.......

We've also recorded and or mixed many #1 albums and singles from all around the world from artists such as Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, The Darkness, HIM, Seiko, Madrugada, The Rasmus, X, Hide', Anastacia, Delta Goodrem, Killing Heidi, Manu Di Bango...

We're most honored to have had some of the Worlds Greatest Producers, Engineers, and Mixers, work here at Scream:  

David Kahne, Mark Endert, Tim Palmer, Andy Wallace, Nick Launay, Dave Way,  Matt Wallace, Don Gilmore, Brian Virtue, Joe Zook, John Travis, Rob Chiarelli, Dave Fortman, Wes Seidman, Don Gehman, Bob Ezrin, Chris Shaw, Michael Wagener, Rob Jacobs, Rick Will, Michael Brauer, Bill Kennedy, Matt Hyde, Paul Lani, James Murray, Dave Ogilvie, Brian Eno, Butch Vig, Clif Norell, Mike Plotnikoff, Olle Romo, Michael Patterson, Jason Corsaro, GGGarth Richardson, Tony Maserati, Josh Abraham, Rob Brill, Dave Jerden, Mike Fraser, Toby Wright, Brian Malouf, William Orbit, Darryl Thorpe, Krish Sharma, Ben GrossePeter Collins, Joe Chicarelli, Jay Baumgardner, Howard Benson, Karl Derfler, and Brad Gilderman.